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Customer Stories

Back in my younger years I was involved in a business selling Seacure. We received many testimonial letters and phone calls touting how well Seacure worked at alleviating side effects of chemotherapy treatments.

Fast forward twenty years and I found myself battling stage 2 Hodgkins lymphoma, requiring almost six months of chemotherapy. Because of my previous experience I didn’t wait for those side effects to manifest themselves instead began taking Seacure proactively, prior to commencement of treatment.

I have now finished my chemo and can report that my chemo experience was not nearly as bad as expected. Seacure did not save my hair, but I experienced no nausea and maintained more energy than many of my fellow patients in the infusion room. I was able to work every day except when tied up for treatments.

Last, because of its proven ability to repair the digestive tract, Seacure helped me maintain my weight. Actually I gained several pounds during the course of my treatments.

Seacure lived up to its reputation in every way. I have always recommended Seacure. Now, I’m a walking testimonial myself.

John Bingaman
West Reading

It is with a great deal of pleasure that I write to tell you of my success with Seacure. Two and one-half years ago I was diagnosed with Diverticulosis. The doctor gave me a couple of medicines to take along with fiber each day. All the medicines did was to make me sleepy and listless all the time. After six months, I began to tell my druggist about my problems, and since he studies alternative remedies, I began taking acidophilus, a new fiber tablet, and a digestive enzyme. This worked successfully for over a year. I began to experience colon spasms due to excessive stress. Again the doctor gave me medicines to relax my colon. It became worse to the point that I was having instant gas and diarrhea. I saw my doctor and he told me that if it was the same in 3 months, he’d do a colonoscopy to see if it was IBS. It continued, and the only way I could get relief was to take Pepto or an antibiotic. I decided it had become IBS, so in reading Dr. Julian Whitaker’s Health and Healing, I read about Seacure. From them I got the phone number of Proper Nutrition, and decided to order a bottle of Seacure. I took the first bottle at 6 tablets a day. After taking the first bottle, I became somewhat better, but was not satisfied. I called your office and you suggested that I try 12 tablets of Seacure a day. I reported back to you that I was much better if I was careful with my diet. I’ve cut my tablets to 9 a day, and I’m doing just great. Thank you for Seacure, and for talking to me on the phone. I had begun to think that I had to live with this from now on, or take Pepto if I wanted to go out. I have already told others about Seacure. Again, your Seacure has been a blessing to me, and I will continue to take it.

Marie H.

I think I should tell you of my personal success with SEACURE. As a result of your ad in the Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients, I also went fishing, just like your ad was fishing for orders.

For over 30 years, I tolerated an unbelievable intestinal tract. I tried many, many approaches and could manage to live with it, so, that is no improvement.

A colonoscopy revealed a “the scope was manipulated up a very tortuous sigmoid colon”, etc. I already knew this was my problem as my stools duplicated this configuration.

Sometime subsequent to this, I ordered 3 bottles of SEACURE, after 2 bottles, 6 capsules per day, a gradual but demonstrable change occurred. The result was and is a stool of more normal size with no more curly-que shapes and fewer bowel movements per day. The change is amazing! I would suspect that if a colonoscopy was done now that the report would read differently. Thank for the product, and the cleverly worded ad.

Dr. Raymond L., D.D.S.

I have found Seacure to be an exceptional product to use in conjunction with my private practice. In fact, I suggest to all my patients that they use it to improve the quality of health and function of their small intestine. Seacure has shown to be very effective in helping to rebuild the environmental biological terrain of the upper gut. By making available predigested protein nutrients found in white fish, the intestinal wall cells are fed directly, nurturing and rebuilding the integrity of its overall function. Before I started my colon health care practice four years ago, I owned two health food stores for over fourteen years. I worked directly with hundreds of thousands of customers helping to serve their personal needs. Without a doubt the greatest overall breakdown in the general health of our customers was to be found in that population of shoppers that could be classified as middle aged women. And the weak link in their health was almost always in the same area of concern; the gastrointestinal tract. Women are victims to three very stressful demands on the body system, antibiotic abuse, birth control pill usage and child bearing. Though my practice focuses directly on reconditioning, recolonizing, rebuilding and restoring the colon ecocycle, all of which greatly enhances the G. I. tract, I have found nothing as supportive as Seacure for addressing the needs of the small intestine and accelerating its healing process. That is one of the most effective ways of strengthening and enhancing the immune system. As you know over half of the immune system’s response cells function in and around the G. I. tract. If the small intestinal health issues are addressed as they are with Seacure, you’ve just dealt with over 19 feet of that tract. People lack this basic understanding which is fundamental. The other major section is found at the colon site but that’s another story. Another population of people I work with in my practice and helped as customers are those vegetarians who are beginning to look into fish and chicken to enhance their protein intake with the hope of finding better health and building a stronger immune system. The reason why I recommend Seacure as a source of protein is that it is already 98% predigested. The body utilizes and absorbs it all before it gets down to the colon. Many vegetarians with poor digestion will benefit in their recovery without exposing their colon to undigested and putrefactive protein waste, which easily comes from eating fish and chicken when the digestive system is not used to them. Such waste in the colon is the perfect food for the pathogenic disease causing bacteria. Seacure is what I call a “light” protein that stands up well against other vegetarian protein supplements while also offering a vast assortment of other beneficial components all its own, working synergistically together offering more than would be expected. It has proven to be very effective and readily acceptable by those vegetarians in transition as they cross back over the line into the world of other foods as they continue to look for superior protein to meet their needs for balanced health and well being. Under the stress of day to day demands, Seacure offers them a very sensible choice in their lives that require additional protein for full spectrum, nutritional support.

Again, I want to thank you for what Seacure offers me to in turn offer those people I work with.

Claud B., Hygienist

Since the delivery of my second child 9 years ago, I have experienced intermittent abdominal discomfort in the form of bloating, gas, cramping and accompanying diarrhea. I developed a nagging cramp like pain in the upper right abdominal area. Over a 9 month period, I sought help from three different gastroenterologists who ordered the standard series of diagnostic tests and procedures, i.e., abdominal ultrasound, upper and lower GI series, sigmoidoscopy and endoscopy. Upon X-ray, it appeared that I was experiencing a slight problem with gastroesphogeal reflux according to one physician. Two other physicians, however, did not agree with that diagnosis. They viewed my problem as an irritable bowel syndrome and recommended that I try an antispasmodic medication along with an ulcer medication. For the gastroesphogeal reflux it was recommended that I try a motility medication. After several attempts with these different medications and no relief from my symptoms, I sought help from a nutritionist, an acupuncturist and a naturopathic doctor. After months of trying several different combinations of vitamins, supplements, Chinese herbs and food combinations my naturopath recommended that I try a new fish supplement, SEACURE that he had heard about at a conference in Seattle. After two weeks on this supplement, the cramping pain disappeared. Occasionally if I eat too much greasy food or do not take enough of the supplement, I experience some break through pain. This pain is minor, however, compared to how I was feeling two months ago. Your SEACURE product has been a Godsend and I have shared it with a friend who lives in Juneau who is experiencing digestive problems.

Carol Anne H.

After reading an issue of the Townsend Letter for Drs & Patients, I spoke to you in reference to the article on Seacure with great interest. I myself suffer from malabsorption problems, esophageal reflux and symptoms of hiatel hernia. Five days after I began taking six capsules before meals daily, I began to see a good improvement in my digestive problems.

The pain is 90% gone around the gallbladder area. I also have had more normal bowel movements and less flatulence. I was always constipated in the past. My Dr. had prescribed Prilosec and although I did take it for three days, I know it has many long range undesirable side effects and I don’t want to continue taking it. I am a Nutrition Counselor at a local health food store. I see many clients with digestive problems. I am suggesting that the store carry this nutritional product and intend to tell my clients of this excellent product and hand out a copy of the article.

Very truly yours,
Lynn L.

I was diagnosed with colon Cancer and they removed a malignant tumor and 18 inches of my lower bowels. Since then I struggled with bouts of constipation and discomfort. I went for my yearly colonoscopy and the following day I developed severe diarrhea.

This began a year of changing doctors, trying multiple drugs, undergoing a battery of tests and compiling extensive medical bills] At this point with talk about going to a hospital out of state, and my condition at times getting worse with cramps and tired all the time. I gave up and would not go back to the doctor. By the way he told me that diarrhea is one of the hardest things to cure. In fact most clear up by itself.

My wonderful husband gave me a bottle of Seacure, I started to take them 3 in the morning and 3 at night. That was a Wednesday and by Sunday I was a different person, no more running to the bathroom, no more cramps. I never take any drugs except Tylenol. And unless you go thru for 15 months you can’t imagine how I feel. When I went to my family doctor last month and he heard what happened he asked if he could have your newsletter and tell the other doctor what happened. One other thing, my cholesterol has improved, the LDL is 116, how about that. He was thrilled about that also.

Jackie R.

I have a metabolic disorder (acute porphyria variegate, rare in the USA) which has led to extreme damage in my intestine and stomach. I cannot take digestive enzymes and have to use a blender for every bit of food. Protein causes many problems for me and yet I need it more and more because of all the healing that is now mandatory if I am to ever lead a “normal” life. Your product Seacure has been so essential to my getting well. I depend on it as a source of complete protein and anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids. Thank you.

Judy K.

The first is a 71-year-old male who developed ulcerative colitis. He was started on Asacol with slight improvement, but still did not feel well. He had fatigue and continued to have difficulty gaining weight. He was then started on Seacure 6 capsules a day and in six weeks he felt significantly better with relief of his fatigue, a gain of ten pounds and was able to discontinue his Asacol without any problem. He has remained off his Asacol and has only been on Seacure for the last seven months. In addition his anemia was completely resolved.

Dr. William S.

Your wonderful product Seacure has helped me tremendously! I have suffered from “Gastritis” and also “acid reflux” for the past 5years. I was prescribed Prilosec and had been taking it longer than I felt was safe without long term side effects. I had tried several supplements at a local Health store, but did not get any relief. I was actually reading Christiane Northrup’s book “The Wisdom of Menopause”, when she mentioned the benefits of taking Seacure for digestive problems. I have to admit, I was a little skeptical at first, but ordered a bottle anyway. My biggest concern was being afraid of after taste, since it is made from fish. There was absolutely no after taste whatsoever! this I personally think is amazing! I have been taking Seacure a little over 3 months and have not had to take not even one antacid! I have told several friends and family members about this wonderful and truly amazing product!
Thanks a million!!

Jane C., Oklahoma

“I have suffered with Gastritis and acid reflux for the past 5 years. While reading Christiane Northrup’s book The Wisdom of Menopause she mentions the benefits of taking Seacure for digestive issues. I have to admit I was skeptical but ordered a bottle of your product anyway. I have been taking Seacure for over 3 months and have not had to take any antacids! I have told my friends and family about Seacure and what a truly amazing product it is!”

Jane C., Oklahoma

“After a year of being very ill and struggling with chronic diarrhea, I was diagnosed with Crohn’s. My doctor suggested that I take Seacure. In only three days I noticed a measurable reduction in activity in my gut. I was truly amazed at the results I personally experienced in only three days of taking Seacure. It was then that I vowed never to be without your product. With my improved quality of life by taking Seacure I am here as a true testimony that your product really works!!!!”

Karen W., Texas